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Section 1
Name, Symbol and Office Location

Article 1. The foundation name is "Than Tao Mahaprom Foundation Erawan Hotel."

Article 2. The symbol of the foundation is a divine image of a four-faced, four-armed Brahma seated in a boundaru-stoned arbor (i.e. the Brahma image at Erawan Hotel)

Article 3. The foundation office is located at the Thai United Hotels and Tour Co;Ltd (at the Erawan Hotel), 494 Rajdamri Rd, Lumpini, Patumwan District, Bangkok Metropolis.
Section 2

Article 4. The foundation objectives are as follows;
      4.1 To donate for medical and public health purposes as well as to hospitals, health care stations, public health centers and mobile units under government administration,
      4.2 to donate for state activities which help people in case of public disasters e.g.fires, floods, and wind storms,
      4.3 To donate for educational purpose at the school and university levels as well as educational activities for the mentally and physically disabled persons,
      4.4 To donate for other charitable activities acording to the unanimous approval of the Foundation Board of Directors,
      4.5 To co-operate with other charitable organisations organisations for public utilities or to operate for public utilities,
      4.6 Not to engage in any politically related activities.
Section 3
Fund, Assets and their Acquisition
Article 5. Initial assets are in the form of the following bank accounts:

1. Krung Thai Bank Ltd, Patumwan Branch in an amount of 17,061,833.37 baht
2. Siam Commercial Bank Ltd, savings account in an amount of 3,125,786.73 baht
3. Siam Commercial Bank Ltd, fixed account in an amount of 3,125,786.73 baht
Total 21,461,313.80baht

Article 6. The foundation may acquire assets by the following means:
    6.1 Via money or assets inherited from a person's will or other legal acts which do not bind the foundation to liabilities for debts or other obligations,
    6.2 Via capital or assets donated by believing donors,
    6.3 Via interests generated from the foundation assets.
Section 4
Board of Directors Members'Characteristics and Conditions for Termination of Board of Directors Members' Term of Office
Article 7. Board of Directors Members must possess the following characteristics:
    7.1 At least exactly 35 years of age,
    7.2 Are not bankrupt, incapable or virtually incapable persons,
    7.3 Have never been sentenced to imprisonment by a judge's order, except in case resulting from carelessness or minor offence.

Article 8. A Board of Directors Members term of office shall expire:
    8.1 At the normal expiry date of his/her term of office,
    8.2 At the time of his/her death of resignation,
    8.3 If found to be lacking in characteristics specified in article 7,
    8.4 If found to have damaging misconducts and the Board of Dirctors agrees to remove him/her from office by a not less than three-fourths popular vote of the Board of Directors Members.

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