According to the bible of the Brahma religion there are three gods each possesing differing moral principles, greatness, and miracles. The three gods are directly responsible for human welfare; they are collectively called 'Tree Murati' and consists of Vishnu. Siva, and Brahma. Brahma is believed to be the Creator of all things of the world. He is the "Sayampoo" meaning one who originates himself. He is cool-tempered and posseses the highest moral priciples. He is full of kindness, mercy, sympathy, and impartiality. These four precepts comprise the " Conscientious Behavior" corresponding to Buddhist teaching which instructs Buddhists of the four Dharma. Besides creating the world, Brahma also crates heaven and human beings.
      The origin of Brahma is rather complicated story because each legend has its own version. Some say that Brahma originated inside a golden egg; some say that He originated inside a lotus sprouting up from Vishnu's navel while the latter was sleeping on the back of the Naga King at Kasean Ocean; some say that Brahma is the split-up person of Vishnu at the time he was to create the world. Nevertheless, after studying all versions of His origin the author is of the opinion that the version of Masanapurana is the least complicated and easiest to remember. According to this legend, Brahma a.k. a "Ahpawa" splitted Himself into two persons after originating. One person is male who is He Himself while the other person is female named Sataroopa or Sarasawadee. Both helped create angels, humans, animals, ogres, and all plants of this world. If so, this story corresponds to Christian story of human origin which states that Adam and Eve are the creators of human beings.
      Brahma has a red torso; is four-headed or four-faced. However, according to one Hindu book initially Brahma has five faces but He once enraged Siva by making an insulting speech. Siva, using miracle, opened his third eye (Siva has three eyes; Whenever his third eye opens, an event of great magnitude is bound to happen) and stared at the first head of Brahma and thus flamed it to tiny particles. That is why Brahma has only four faced. Brahma has four hands (some say eight); one hand carries a walking stick, one carries two spoons, another carries a pot, and the last one carries a bible. A bead string hangs from His neck. He is armed with a bow called Paraweeta and has a hansa (a white horse in the version of the Lama sect story) as the beast of burden. The abode of Brhama is called Brohmbharuenatha situated in Brahma world. In the Tripoom Praruang it is stated that the Brahma abode is higher than heaven and Brahma is divided into many types viz Material Brahma and Non-material Brahma. The Material Brahma has 16 levels: Parishabhum Brahma, Parohithabhum Brahma, Mahabrahmabhum, Parithabhum, Appamanabhum, Ahpassarabhum, Parithasupabhum, Appamanasupabhum, Supakinahabhum, Wehappabhalabhum, Asanyeebhum, Awihabhum, Atapahabhum, Suthatsabhum, Suthatseebhum. And Akanitthabhum. These 16 levels Brahma has only men and no women. The brahma himself sits forever still
      The Non-meterial Brahma is even higher. It has no matter but has only mind. There are all together 4 levels; Akasayanjayathon, Winyananchayathon, Akinjanyayut, and Newasanyanayon. Those who are to be born to be Brahma must have practised basic meditation from Primary Chaan till Panjama Chaan. Who is to live in which Brahma level depends on his/her Chaan practised in each activity.
      The Brahma wife is Sarasawadee who was created by Brahma himself. Brahma has good disposition; cool-tempered and gives blessing to whoever asks for it. He is full of the four Dharma viz kindness, mercy, sympathy, and impartiality and extends his benevolence to all animals. In our Buddhist story there is a mention of Brahma at the time He invited the Lord Buddha to preach the teachable animals. At the time the Lord Buddha rose to heaven to preach his mother who lived in the seconde level heaven, it was Indra and Brahma who accosted him on his way back to earth. Sarasawadee the Brhama wife is held by brahmins as the goddess of the intellect and technical matters.
      She is the mother of Phravet and invented the Thevanakree alphabets. Sarasawedee is a beautiful woman with soft-white torso. She has four hands; on her right she carries a bourquet for worshipping Brahma in one hand and a palm-leaved bible in another, on her left is a pearl necklace called Sivamala in lotus dais or a peacock back and sometimes uses hansa as her beast of burden.
      Brahma together with Sarasawadee helped create everthing on this earth and Sarasawadee was the creator of Thevanakree alphabets and Sanskrit language. She also loves and supports the Arts and Sciences.

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