In B.E. 2496 The Syndicate of Thai Hotels & Tourists Enterprises Limited with Police General Pao Sriyanont as Board of Directors Chairman began constructing the Erawan Hotel. At the end of B.E. 2499 construction of the Erawan Hotel neared its completion. The Board of Directors designated Police Major General M.L. Jare Suthat, the construction supervisor, to contact Rear Admiral Luang Suwicharnpat, an expert in astrology to look for auspicious day for opening the Erawan Hotel. Rear Admiral Luang Suwicharnpat suggested that the laying of the foundation stone which was already done was not at an auspicious time and must be corrected by constructing a shrine for Brahma and a shrine for the land spirit. Rear Admiral Luang Suwicharnpat conducted an offering ceremony. Mr. Jitr Pimkowit, a technician at the Handicrafts Division, the Fine Arts Department is the designer and molder of the Brahma image according to the Fine Arts Department's plan. The image was made in plaster of Paris and gilded. Mr. Juerawee Chomsewee and M.L. Poom Malakoon of the Fine Arts Department are the designers of the shrine. The Brahma of Erawan Hotel November 9, B.E. 2499. The Erawan Hotel had since then made the day November 9 of every year the day for making offerings to this divine shrine.

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