December 31, 2022

Subject : To invite charitable persons to found personalized funds with the Foundation

For the Attention of : Kind-Hearted donators contributing to Than Tao Mahaprom Foundation Erawan Hotel

At the meeting of the Committee of Than Tao Mahaprom Foundation Erawan Hotel held on May 14, 1993, the Committee expressed their appreciation of the good-natured persons who continually donate money to the foundation, enabling the Foundation to make large contributions to public charities. (Up to the end of 2022, the Foundation had contributed to public charities the total sum of bath 2,520,854,883.92)

The Committee was of the opinion that to show proper appreciation of all generous persons their names should be recorded. The Committee therefore made a resolution specifying another means of receiving contribution, ie a contributor can found a fund with the Foundation. As Than Tao Mahaprom Foundation Erawan Hotel has been a public charity institution exempted from income tax since October 12, 1992, all donators contributing money to the Foundation are entitled to deduct donated amounts from net income, causing the donators to pay less income tax.

For the above reasons, if you would like to contribute to the Foundations by founding a personalized funds, please contact our Office No. 494 Rajdumri Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Tel. 0-2252-8750 , 0-2252-8754 and provide the following details :-

1. Name and address of Donator.
2. Name of the proposed fund.
3. The amount. (Donations should be not less than Bath 10,000.00 initially. Any amount can be subsequently contributed).
4. A stipulations that only interest derived from the fund can be used under the Foundation's objective.

We thank you and hope that you will consider our proposal.

Sincerely yours,
(Prof. Paichitr Rojanavanich)
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